Principals Announced for 2022-23 School Year

Principals Announced for 2022-23 School Year

At the recent Westmoreland County School Board meeting, Dr. Michael Perry, announced the appointment of four individuals to be principals at Westmoreland High School, Montross Middle School, Washington District Elementary School, and Cople Elementary.

Prior to the announcement, he thanked Roger Coleman, who was the head administrator at Washington & Lee High School and Christie Douglas, who is leaving Washington District Elementary School. He noted their excellent service to the district and wished them well in their new endeavors.

The four individuals who will take on the herculean principal’s tasks are well suited for their appointments and have, in some cases, been long term employees of the district. They are noted for their hard work and resilience. Collectively, they have almost 50 years of educational expertise and bring to their new positions a zeal for excellence.

Named principal of the new Westmoreland High School is William “Eddie” Bowen. He has been the principal of Montross Middle School for the past five years and led the school to full accreditation. He is known for his calm, determined attitude and complete devotion to his students and parents. A native of Westmoreland County, he has lived and worked as an administrator in Westmoreland County for the past 28 years.

Mrs. Leah Segar will take over the reins at Montross Middle School. She has worked with Mr. Bowen at Montross Middle School as his assistant principal since 2020. She brings eleven years of educational expertise to the school. Her entire career has been focused on the middle-school student. She will continue the path of excellence that has been charted by her predecessor and looks forward to her new role.

Leading the way at Washington District Elementary School will be Michael Bathgate. Previously, the assistant principal at Cople Elementary since 2020, he has over fourteen years of teaching experience. He is a native of Pennsylvania and has thoroughly enjoyed his time “learning” in Virginia. He is excited to get to know the students and parents of Washington District Elementary.

The incomparable Leslie Steele will continue to guide the educational path at Cople Elementary School. Her hands-on approach to education is found throughout the school. The students and parents at Cople will continue to find her presence to be a continuing welcome sight when they arrive each day.

Assistant principal Will Hernandez will assist Mr. Bowen at Westmoreland High School and Jarvis Bailey will move to Cople Elementary School to serve as the assistant principal. Both of these excellent educators have been chosen to continue their roles supporting the new administrators.

As Dr. Perry noted, Westmoreland County Public Schools will be guided by dedicated educators devoted not only to their students, but to the community they have chosen to serve. Congratulations to each of these new leaders.